Sunday, December 23, 2007

Science Project Reform

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The Science Fair Project idea seems so mechanical to me. The idea has lost some of its focus. After days of putting this together, I realized that we need to make some changes.
Next year, I would like to give students some options for their Science Fair Projects. They would be able to complete the normal investigation with 3 or more trials and data graphs, or they can produce a project that is web 2.0 based. This will keep the projects interesting and unique to create.
Students creating wiki's, blogs and social networks with a focus in mind is the ultimate goal.
The problem:
The web 2.0 based projects will not be considered in the judging process unless we change the entire judging criteria on the County and State level. This will be a hard shell to crack. We all know that school systems do not necessarily embrace change. They are comfortable in doing the same activities each year. It's easy.
I want to create more work, and I am ready for the change.
Any ideas or input on this topic would be great :)


Cathy Nelson said...

My suggestion is to add this as a second Science Fair perhaps in another quarter, and enlighten the powers that be about it. You could seek assistance or help from the colleges that are turning out interns and students seeking field experience. It would seem that they would help you garner support and attention. Also, can't totally throw out the old way. Your plan should be to "merge" the two, so in its infancy they will need to be separate. That way after completing the earlier 2.0 fairs, you have time to reflect and adjust until its ready for a complete merge. I LOVE that you younger teachers are such go getters!!! I would promote this heavily in my school, and may on my own seek to do something similar. Wow you rock my brain sometimes. THX.

A. Woody DeLauder said...

Thanks for the comment Cathy. I think that you had some great ideas. I will move forward after the break and hopefully be successful with my Science Wiki Project. My ultimate goal is to have these students use 21st Century literacies every day. Right now, they do not do enough with these new technologies in my school.