Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Flat Classrooms

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I am currently rereading The World is Flat by Friedman. There are some new Chapters and insights that are updated. Each time I read the book, a take a little more with me. This book should be on everyones must read list.

This leads me to think about how Flat our (some of our) classrooms have become. Some teachers still rule with an iron fist and direct the lives of the students each day. All I can say to this type of teacher is... Read this book and you will have a whole new outlook on your teaching strategies. Friedman does a wonderful job at making you think while staying neutral with his opinion. What a great book!

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David Robb said...

What a coincidence. I just received the World is Flat (edition 3.0) to read over winter break. Just finished chapter one and I'm already intrigued.
I must admit I'm behind on this one as this is my first read.