Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa 2.0

My first time volunteering to play the role of Santa at our yearly Polar Express Literacy Night was an enlightening experience. Students asked for anything from basketballs to money. The overall theme of gift wishes came in the form of the ipod. About 75% of the students that came up to me wanted to get their hands on an ipod. One 3rd grader even wanted a digital video camera so "they can post video to YouTube". Some students asked for a laptop. Some students went the gaming route, asking for the Wii. One student even asked for a job, so they could help their parents pay for the bills. Overall a great experience.

Kids are using these technologies. Even if they aren't at the moment, it seems as if they would like to. I think back to items I used to ask for for Christmas, and boy they have changed. I only hope that parents embrace their kids want/need for these new types of literacy's.

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