Saturday, September 8, 2007

Focusing on Common Sense?

Recently, in a staff meeting at school, the idea was brought up that we need to be careful when we punish an entire class for the actions of a few. I do agree with this idea, but the entirety of the conversation is what I do not agree with. Me being outspoken, I asked, "What event occurred to invite this comment to the party"?
It turns out that an irate parent had come to school yelling about how their kid had to write an apology letter to a teacher, when their kid would never do anything wrong.
The poor student had to take a few minutes out of their leisure filled day to do some writing. We actually spent about 10 - 15 minutes at our staff meeting discussing this "problem" and some solutions to the "problem". We spent more time talking about the situation than it probably took the student to do the assignment.

Schools are putting their tails between their legs a little too often now. Why do we fear a parent? What will a parent do to us that is so terrible? Is it our litigious society that has brought us to fear what might happen?
I think we need to put these instances in perspective. Common sense needs to move back into our lives as a staple of making better decisions. This student didn't miss recess, didn't get publicly reprimanded, and wasn't treated any different than any other student in the class.
Parents need to stop crying and schools need to stop putting their tails between their legs when a parent yells.

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