Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Week of change!

Reading through my feeds, I can definitely tell most of the bloggers are teaching now. New posts are hard to come by. Some days, I can't find the time to eat lunch. I have 15 different classes, 400 different students, and about 60 different teachers to keep in order. Teaching science in an elementary school sure is different.

I have, however, found the time to create a wiki for my 3-5 graders. This will be interesting. Many students are asking... how it works, who can edit information, and what happens if someone deletes everything on the wiki. It's very basic at the moment. Eventually, I want the wiki to become a collaborative source used by students globally for learning purposes. I am trying to find a way to hold students accountable for misuse and sabotage. It sounds as though it will happen... (comments and questions asked by students). If there are any ideas, please feel free to comment. As of right now there is only one user name and password. I think this will need to change.

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