Friday, August 17, 2007

Starting Again

It is like I am starting over as a new teacher this year. On Monday the 2oth, I am back in the classroom. This time I am the Science Resource Teacher at a Title I School. This will be a new set of interesting and tall hurdles to jump over. I now will have the privilege to teach all the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade classes in the school. I will be responsible for many live animals, yearly Science Projects, the 5th grade end of the year over-night trips, and many other interesting events this year. Finding time to integrate my classroom 2.0 initiatives will be the real challenge. I will only be meeting with the students twice a week. This doesn't allow me nearly enough time to integrate RSS Aggregators, wiki's and blogs into the curriculum. I will have to play this one by ear to see how much we can accomplish. I will start off using my own blog as a communication between school and home. We will see how this takes off. I will continue to use as by blog of choice for student use. This format lends itself nicely to teachers because of the edit features. Thanks to David Warlick and his Landmark Project, we have this avenue to drive down.

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