Saturday, August 18, 2007

My District? RSS?

Unbelievable!! I was searching through my school based e-mail last night. I usually get a few useless e-mails everyday, so I just go through and delete them. Last night I was noticing an e-mail that was titled "CCPS Press Releases". I never heard them use this language before in an e-mail. I opened the e-mail and to my surprise it was a group of articles that are in the form of a blog. I scrolled down through the list of article and I saw the familiar RSS/XML button. I thought I was seeing things. I couldn't believe my eyes. Someone is beginning to get with he program. I immediately subscribed to the press releases. Now, when I open up the education section of my feeds, I get my districts press releases automatically.

My goal is to now discuss with someone the importance of making the site a little more interactive. I think it is only fair to have a comment section to the articles. I know this will open up a can of worms that the district probably doesn't want to hear, but they need to hear it!

I am going to stay on top of this. I don't want this to end here. I would like to see more effort put into creating on-line tools that are teacher, student, and parent friendly. What about a school based curriculum wiki. What about creating a weekly podcast per grade level that is linked to this site for student and parent use. The possibilities are endless.


nbosch said...

I read on Web-logged that you were looking for science feeds for kids, I spent hours last fall searching out feeds that were appropriate for elementary kiddos. I wrote about them on my blog. Here's the url if you are interested.

...and here's what it looks like on our blog

A. Woody DeLauder said...

Thank you very much for th info. I will look at these feeds to see how usefull they will be. This will definitely give me a starting point.