Friday, July 27, 2007

Many Cities in a few days

What a great trip. From Philadelphia, to Princeton, to New York, to Providence, to Pawtucket, to Plymouth, to Boston, to Salem, to Ogunquit, Maine. I am now in Ogunquit, Maine. What a great environment. You can sit down, eat dinner, and watch the Lobstermen come in from a day of fishing. These kind of towns really make you slow down a bit. Priceless vacation.
Through all of this traveling, I have had internet service at all locations. Even the bed and Breakfast I am in at the moment offers free internet connections. I have been able to read and keep up with most of the blogs on a daily basis. Some interesting points of discussion. In David Robb's , he discusses the importance for schools to embrace technologies such as the cell phone. He discusses ways in which cell phones can be used in the classroom. This is an interesting discussion. We are moving further away from where we need to be. School districts are blocking web content and banning important learning tools. Why is this?
I think this comes from being scared. The administrators making the rules don't know how to use these tools, and refuse to learn how. They fear the unknown.

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