Monday, July 30, 2007

Lead Pencil Club

I'm still truckin along, on my last legs of this East Coast trip. I am in Franconia, New Hampshire, deep in the White Mountain Region. I have yet to stay at a place that doesn't offer a free wireless connection. Unbelievable if you ask me. Well, in Boston, we had a wireless connection, but nothing was free. I am out in the middle of nowhere, I look around, all I see is mountains, and I have a wireless connection. I love it.

List of the cities in which I have been
Philadelphia, Pa
Princeton, NJ
New York
Providence, RI
Pawtucket, RI
Plymouth, Mass
Boston, Mass
Salem, Mass
Ogunquit, Me
Bar Harbor, Me
Kennebunkport, Me
Deer Isle, Me
Franconia, NH

Today, we are off to Vermont to stay for 2 days, New York for 1, and Pennsylvania for 1. Then home sweet home.
I have decided not to add any more photos to Flickr until I get back to the home front. It was taking entirely too much time to upload the pictures.
Great conversations in Blogworld. I have been keeping up with them on my journey's. I haven't had a lot of time to blog and comment on other blogs, but I plan to dive in when I get home. I am in the middle of reading a book by the Lead Pencil Club. Very interesting to hear the other side of the Internet debate. The cool thing is that I can argue almost every point they try to make. More to come about this book...

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