Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Gondola Ride of Intentions

It only makes sense to teach history from the first event and on and on until we reach present day, right? This is what we created timelines for. We wanted to see the order of events represented on paper in the order in which they happened.

What a genious idea... teach history from present day backwards. You can evoke more questioning this way. Instead of looking at history as a cause and effect relationship, look at the events and question how and why the event happened by continuing further into the past.

U.S. History in the year 2050...

Teach about the failed attempt to westernize a muslim country (Iraq). Tell students about the many innocent families that were killed, the U.S. soldiers that gave their lives, and the government that the rest of the world despises. Then ask the students... How did we get here? Have the students trace the steps that the U.S. took in order to fail at turning a country into a democracy. They could continue to go back in time to discuss the presidents father and his failed attempt at the same idea. This would be a wonderful way to teach.

Just to think, reflections about who, why, where, and when in reverse timeline order.

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