Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr. Richardson Has Done It Again

I have been reading more than writing lately. I always love taking a break. Will Richardson has once again made me think with his post An Education President. Will opens the post with the reality of his opinion on Obama's latest speech...

"Like him or not, what Barack Obama did yesterday, in my opinion at least, epitomizes what we need our next president to be, namely a teacher. Agree with him or not, can there be any doubt that anyone listening to that speech yesterday is not thinking harder and more expansively about race in this country and in our lives today? Trust him or not, is there any question that he articulated a real truth about the state of race relations from both a black and a white perspective?"

Listening to radio and television personalities has caused me to wonder about the State of Country as it relates to race relations. Race is an important topic. Listening to a few Conservative Republicans ho humming about Obama's speech last night, I came to the conclusion that most people do not care about the Country... They care about themselves. They started in talking about MORE important topics... Economy, The War, Immigration. More important to who?

I am a 29 year old white man that has many concerns with the Country in which I live. I am constantly thinking of changes that may make The United States a better place to live for everyone. One change that needs to take place... Bring a divided nation together to in turn make it a stronger nation.

Rush Limbaugh recently suggested that conservatives should vote for Hillary. For some reason, conservatives think that de-democratizing the system will work in their benefit. How is this a democracy? Voting for someone that you do not want to win for the purpose of getting your favorite candidate elected is not what our Country was founded on. I do hope that this comes back to bite the conservatives. It would be funny if they had to drudge through another 4 years with a Clinton at the helm. They would have no one to blame but themselves. Until next blog...

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