Wednesday, February 6, 2008

21st Century Skills Class

What a great idea for Middle or High Schools. A class that teaches students what will be needed of them in the 21st Century. This is what we need.
A post by David Warlick made me actually think about these possibilities. I wonder if this possibility has even been considered in my district. It seems as though an investigation will have to be done. If their is a way... I want to be involved. Many ideas are floating around in my head.

I think it would necessary to focus on ways in which the students are already communicating. This would be a great question to ask students that will be taking the course. Their ideas are probably more relevant than ours. There are many possibilities for the structure of such a course. I think the most important idea is that the class should be student directed and teacher moderated.
Some themes below…
Social Networks vs. Learning Networks
Digital Natives vs. Digital Guests
Digital Publishing
Information Editing (this is a big one)
21st Century Communication
Having your digital voice heard
Global Culture

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Mrs. Totten said...

Has this been implemented anywhere? I'm thinking of proposing an idea like this to my principal for the next school year. Any links or contacts you can share?