Monday, January 21, 2008

Why attend EduCon 2.0?

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I am looking forward to traveling North to Philly this weekend. I was in Philadelphia in July, 2007 on my way to Maine. Had to stop to get a Cheese steak at Pat's. Needles to say, I love Philadelphia.

It will be encouraging to get away from the stagnate teachers to hang out with teachers that are practicing what they preach. It is ironic that I will be missing the Pre-Conference on Friday to attend a training on the new Computerized MSA (Maryland State Assessment) Science Test we will be giving in April. Works out good that the training is in Bel Air, Maryland about 20 miles north of Baltimore... pretty much on my way to Philly. I wish I could be there to tour the SLA and have good conversations. Looks like the conversations will have to start on Saturday morning for me.

Here are a few reasons I will be attending EduCon 2.0...

1. Real conversations with real innovators that don't blow smoke.

2. Communication with educators that have similar thoughts about the future of the education system.

3. Having my voice heard in the process of change. Sharing some ideas that I may have for classroom/web 2.0 integration.

4. Making connections with those that I admire in the realm of education reform.

5. Making new friends, finding new avenues to explore.

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Jenny said...

As one who can't make EduCon 2.0 (two small children have made that impossible) I'm really looking forward to reading posts from those of you who will be there. I'll spend my time reading and feeling jealous and invigorated all at the same time.