Thursday, January 24, 2008

EduCon 2.0

Not knowing what to expect while I'm packing to head north for the weekend. I'm a little nervous actually. I've been in the blogosphere for less than a year now... I'm not what you would call a seasoned veteran. Hopefully, a few people will know me from my blog... maybe not.

I am really going at it alone. I believe the only person that is attending that I have ever talked to f2f is Will Richardson. I asked him a question after a session he did about digital literacy and RSS. I loved it so much, I sat through it a 2nd time. David Warlick was there also. He was the keynote with a "Flat Classroom" theme. I didn't get a chance to talk to him though. What great speakers and motivators they both are. I am feeling lucky that I may be involved in some conversations with them this weekend.

I believe that this will be a great meeting of the minds when it comes to reforming the education system. I'm looking forward to great conversations and debates. I will be live blogging from the conference if there is time. Twitter will see some action also. I am really planning on just taking it all in and adding to conversations that tweek my buttons. Until next Blog...


Dogtrax said...

I wish I could have joined the conversation at EduCon


Cathy Nelson said...

Hey Woody--I am glad we got to eet face to face here! Your insight is provocative and truly challenges my thinking. I am an avid fan of your blog-so at least one person was really glad you came and looked forward to meeting you. I could not tell that you are so shy form your blog--its voice is strong, oud, and CLEAR. I hope you got a lot out of the conference.