Saturday, December 1, 2007

Building Bridges

I haven't had much time to blog as of lately. I have been working on launching a website geared towards networking my community. The website is is collaborative and will be used for anyone in the community to post and share information of importance. The boundaries have not quite been defined. Hopefully this will be done by the community. My goal is to launch the site June 1st, 2008. Creation of the pages and database is my overwhelming goal at this time.

As for talk in the blogging world. I have been reading, with not much commenting. Interesting conversations, but I haven't had the time. Talk of blocking sites in school, interesting ways to use technology in schools, and keynote conversations all interest me. I could write for days on these topics. Days, I do not have. Sometimes taking information in without adding your own insight is relaxing. Hopefully with the break coming up at the end of the month, will come some time to add some insight.

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