Saturday, September 15, 2007

Information in line for EDITING

The ability to edit information is the single most powerful skill one will need now and in the future in order to make sense of the world around us. As of now, I see editing in practice in the blog/web 2.0 world.

Editing does not only encompass looking at text and deciding whether or not it is credible. Editing to me involves the ability to edit all forms of media, entertainment, and any other information presented to us daily. This is not an innate skill. Humans are not born with the ability to consume information, have the skills to check credibility and decide to use the information in a way that makes sense... we need to teach this in our schools.

Our information revolution is not going anywhere. We can't take a break from the information, and come back another day. Information is omnipresent. Taking a break from the information flood would only involve us delaying the information that is presently available to us.
In the coming years, this will be a highly regarded skill that will be needed to sustain every day life. This skill is not only needed by adults... we need to teach children strategies to begin the process at a young age. Children need to be able to hear something in the media and know that it may not be the entire truth. They need to be able to watch the MTV Music Awards Show and know that they do not have to agree with the ideas of an artist presenting. They need to be able to pick up a magazine and read it not as truth, but as a practice session for their editing ability. The skill of questioning and not automatically believing comes into play. Always question, discuss and then decide.
These skills need to be used everyday in order for students to know how to use them. The fragility in our society will begin to show if generations are not using the skills of questioning and editing.

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