Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Sponsored/Censored by AT&T

Recently one of the most musically talented and outspoken bands of my generation, Pearl Jam, was censored by AT&T at Lallopalooza. During one of their songs, "Daughter", Eddie Vedder went on to say, " George Bush Leave this World Alone", and then, " George Bush Find Yourself Another Home". The crowd loved it, but you couldn't hear them. The webcast sponsored by AT&T was censored so that Eddie was cut off immediately after he said his first statement.
This is not the same as government censorship. This is sponsor censorship. AT&T decided that they would not let Eddie have his constitutional right as a citizen of the United States. They decided that rather than risk their important reputation as a company, they would completely mute the words of an individual that is trying to make sense of a confusing, egotistical government.

AT&T claim that it was all a mistake. They blame it on some mix-up in the soundboard room. I don't buy the excuse. The placement of the muting was all too convenient.
I know that this happens all the time with large companies censoring their sponsored individuals. They just happened to mess with one of my favorite bands. I think that Eddie will continue to press this issue. Pearl Jam has a great influence throughout the world. Many people that are in my generation follow the band.

Everyone should be upset at AT&T's actions. AT&T decided that YOU as an individual citizen are not intelligent enough to know that Eddie Vedder's words are his own views. They decided that since you are not intelligent enough to know this, they will completely mute his voice so that you will not be exposed to it. This is a common theme in our nation. Not only with big business, but also with our government. It all comes from FEAR. Fear of the unknown. Fear of being figured out. Fear of revolution. Fear of the mass.

Eddie is one of the most charismatic and perceptive individuals I have ever seen speak. His ideologies and views of our nation come from many years of contemplation and investigation. If anyone has the ability to put fear in the eyes of the government and the corporations, Eddie does. I can't wait to see what comes out of this scenario.

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