Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Refreshing to the Mind

It doesn't happen often enough. When you hear an individual speaking about change in our nation, it is refreshing. Many people, about 8 months ago, started to jump on the Obama train for the race to the white house. I think this happened because of the Americans thirst for changing the way our nation is ran.

On the other hand, I sat back and gave each candidate a chance before I passed judgement on them. I am not jumping on the Obama bandwagon. Hearing what he has to say about the things he would like to change actually makes the most sense. He is not a politician in his core being. You can tell that as soon as you hear him speak. He speaks of changes that can actually help us as a nation and a globe.

When it comes time to run for political office, many candidates focus on the same agenda that makes no real difference to the world we live in. These agenda's have to deal with not politics, but religion. Abortion, stem cell research, gay marriage. Sometimes they put health care in the mix if we are lucky. The 3 prior subjects have to do with religious values. The dividing line on these actions is not with politics, it's with religion. Why do we focus on religion so much as a society? Why do we need a religion to be "good to each other"?

When I hear Obama speak, it is refreshing. He wants to change the problems that we have with the nation and the world. Obama speaks of changing the health care system, leaving Iraq, questioning reasons for poverty, reforming our educational system, and moral values. This is what I want in a president: Someone who actually is reflective and cares more about the whole picture. It is time we leave religion out of politics. They are like pickles and ice cream, they don't go together. We will have to see what happens in 2008.

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