Thursday, June 14, 2007

The "Information Revolution"

Information is changing, from how we get it, to how we use it. I heard an interesting idea last night on the nightly news: "Left-Wing Bloggers are starting to sway the way congress thinks". Now this statement was not followed up by any proof or instance how. I think that if this is true, we have reached a new milestone in the "Information Revolution". Information is so widely available now to everyone.

A great example: Every morning, I wake up, drive to the school in which I teach, and sit at a computer. First, I look at my school e-mail, then I log on to my account to read my news feeds. I subscribe to feeds like that discusses all the new efficient technologies that are available to live a greener lifestyle, Will Richardson blog in which discusses the read/write web that is changing the worlds idea of learning, and in which has all the latest news stories from the UK's perspective. Now I read about 20 other feeds on a daily basis. Yes, I even subscribe to my own blogs feed. This is so I can jump to my blog quickly while I am in my pageflakes account. This all takes me about 10 minutes to actually read every bit of information that I wish to hear about on a daily basis, and it all comes to me with my free subscriptions. I do not watch the news at night or read a paper on the weekends. Why wait for a magazine in the mail. These pieces of information are not instant enough for me.

This is why information is changing. Our kids are already using information in this capacity. E-mail is becoming the new snail-mail. Kids are using IM, Text Messaging, downloading videos to YouTube, creating MySpace accounts, creating Podcasts, and publishing their thoughts on blogs. They have become writers, editors, reporters, photographers, producers, and film directors all on their own. I think that we as teachers should permit these students to use these vehicles to learn in school also. We need to catch up!!

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