Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Government has to interfere

I hate to continue to bring up negative aspects of the world we live in, but I believe there are some practices that are pointless. One of these instances is the government constantly interfering with the business sector.

Example: Handicap parking spaces in commercial parking lots. I have nothing against handicap people, but I do not believe that it is the responsibility of our government to make moral decisions of this nature. It is a law: if you own a business with a parking lot, there has to be a certain amount of handicap parking spaces per regular parking spaces. This makes sense, but why does the government feel it necessary to regulate this.

Scenario: Let's pretend that there is no law for the amount of handicap spaces that a business must have. I am a person that has a legitimate handicap licence plate. I enjoy shopping at the local Whole Foods grocery store. The Whole Foods grocery store that I frequent does not have any handicap spaces in the parking lot. Many times, I have have had to park 20 or more spaces away from the store front. A new grocery store opens 2 miles down the street. The owner of this grocery store decides that they will, as a courtesy to their customers, put handicap parking spaces towards the front of their parking lot for easy access to the store. These stores sell the same products, and their prices are very similar. What do you think I will do?

The Point:
Let the business decide whether or not they would like to add a handicap parking space for their customers. Believe me, if you are handicap, and need a parking space close to the front of the store, you will use the store with the space. The store without the space will lose your business. Eventually, the store without the space will add some spaces for good "customer service". This would all work itself out.

I will write about many more of these instances in the future. This gets me fired up. I don't know, maybe because I feel like the government has many other issues to worry about that are actually important to the nation and the world. Leave the business decisions up to the business!!

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